Fullmoon Sesh: Cannabis extraction artists reach for the stars

We’re going to Gran Canaria on July 22nd, 2021 to meet some of the real heroes of the cannabis movement. It will be an excursion to the origins of a world-shaking movement, a meeting with the artists and creators of unique genetics and alchemists of the finest cannabis extracts.

The Canary Islands not only attract with fantastic year-round weather and both diverse vegetation and topography, but also inspire the cannasseur of the world with one of the liveliest cannabis scenes on our globe. There is a significant accumulation of cannabis social clubs in the Canary Islands run by talented gardeners and extractors. They came from all over the world, buying properties, collaborating with locals, and running club-owned cannabis cultivation, processing, and sales outlets. The cooperation and the exchange of know-how and process knowledge come first in the Social Club model and it is therefore not surprising that the Social Clubs are miles ahead of the large capital-intensive cannabis companies in terms of product quality.

Learn from the cannabis extraction professionals at the Full Moon Sesh in Gran Canaria

At the exclusive Fullmoon Sesh, a cannabis cup specializing purely in extracts, the grand masters of cannabis extraction from all over Europe will compete for the golden full moon. Numerous cannabis extractors come up with very different products to convince the jurors of their strengths. Whether may it be Vape Cart, Diamonds and Sauce or THCa – we definitely will salivate on the cup when terpenes and cannabinoids melt on the banger and make their way to the taste buds of the cannasseurs throat.

Those interested in the cannabis industry can always learn something new in the Canary Islands

As already mentioned, one of the densest and most advanced cannabis cultures in the world can be found in the Canary Islands, comparable to hotspots in California, Oregon or Barcelona. Here the talents of ambitious breeders of the genetics of tomorrow and the willingness to experiment of cannabis extractors come together on a level that the scents of the extracts envelop an entire archipelago in a magical scent.

On islands like Lanzarote, untamed nature meets meticulous precision; on Gran Canaria, banana trees meet Strawberry Banana Hash Rosin. Day after day, extraction processes are questioned by passionate cannabis enthusiasts, get further developed and gradually raised to ever higher levels of perfection, until the Canarian extracts eventually reach the Milky Way.

The experts and social clubs in the Canary Islands are always worth a trip to bring together extraordinary nature and craftsmanship. While one day you can enjoy the beauty of the year-round air-conditioned island, the next day you can take a tour to the most gifted cannabis extractors and growers to learn about the process and product knowledge of unique cannabis preparations. We are therefore going to Gran Canaria on July 22nd, 2021 to attend the legendary Fullmoon Sesh. For everyone who missed this event in the second year of Covid-19, we offer the possibility of establishing contacts in order to offer you a journey full of bits of knowledge and visits to the most talented extraction artists. Simply contact us at info@research-gardens.com and we will arrange a trip including accommodation, organized visits and tours to the extraction masters and culinary delicacies.