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We consulted or worked for CBD and medical cannabis companies in 5 countries in three different continents and four different climate zones.

1000‎ mistakes

Benefit from the mistakes that have repeatedly challenged us over the years to develop targeted, cost-efficient, sustainable, maintenance-friendly and product-oriented solutions.

Facility Design

We design indoor, greenhouse and outdoor facilities matching your quality requirements and market expectations. We always find the best fitting solution for your given location - or find the dream location for your business.

Process Optimization

We lift your processes to new heights of efficiency. We support you with your integrated software and hardware projects and advise you on management frameworks. Automation is king in some countries and we're here for you.

Macro Art

From entire flowers to 50x magnified trichomes: we put your plant in a breathtaking light. Macro shots offer the opportunity to stand out from the competition and let your products speak for themselves. Because nothing makes a company more successful than a good product.


We advise your cannabis brand with sufficient marketing and distribution strategies to get your products well placed in the market. We help you figuring out target groups, early branding decisions and advise you in how the market works.

We care for the smallest detail.

Mango Sapphire Indica strain
Cannabis Flowering Stage in Greenhouse
Cannafornia Packaging Cannabis Packaging

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  • indoor cultivation
  • greenhouse cultivation
  • outdoor cultivation
  • plant tissue culture
  • facility construction drawing & design
  • location considerations
  • breeding strategies
  • marketing strategies
  • distribution
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Growing is more than just building a high end facility.

After traveling the cannabis farming world, studying Horticulture and setting up Grow Operations in different cultures and climate zones, one is for sure: Growing Cannabis is a never ending story of getting better, failing, getting up again, learning, improving and at the end bringing everything in symbiosis.

At the end, quality will win. And so it’s our vision to get your team of growers, gardeners and technicians in balance with the plants. With passion, well defined goals and structured processes, only the sky is the limit.

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Grow x Culture x Climate

We have  begun publishing cannabis related content, because we want to create awareness for one really big inequality in our society. We want to be part of a movement, that creates access to a long forbidden pain reliever, cheer up buddy and natural resource.

Also do we want to setup grow facilities, that are in harmony with it’s surroundings. In a high energy consumption industry like cannabis we heavily contribute to climate change and we’re here for you to get sustainable growing methods to work.

Tailor-suited approach.

One fits all. NOT!

Besides spectacular packaging, every cannabis brand has the opportunity to create it’s own uniqueness in the process of the actual cannabis grow. To achieve this, one method cannot fit all.

It starts with the scetch and layout of your facility, which predetermines the long term success of your brand.

Depending on in which climate the cannabis facility should be built up, there are significant decisions to make.

Which grow methods and technologies should be used? Indoor or Outdoor? How many harvests per year?

Even more challengin are decisions regarding the local or foreign market. Here we come to the hardest point of designing a grow facility:

Which scale?

On the one side, you want to avoid overproduction.
On the other side, every cannabis grow needs some economics of scale to be able to compete on the market. Further thoughts should consider the degree of automation, usage of special lights, sophisticated climate control and finding the right genetics.

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Learning from the mistake

We observe. We learn. We grow.

In times of an aspiring, ambitiously growing cannabis industry, fast money is a big motivation for many cannabis start ups out there. Huge grow facilities sprout from ground and yield tons of cannabis flowers every month. 

To stand out from the crowd, cannabis brands have to offer a unique customer experience. Imagine a fresh married couple smoking their wedding joint – as a cannabis brand you definitely have to impress with fantastic flavors and entitled effects to make their biggest day a memorable one.

Cannabis brands these days should pay attention to what customers really want: A serious smoke with phenomenal flavor, dripping resin and great effects. It’s about breaking through the mass of mediocre products – with shocking strains, terpy trichomes and saucerful secrets.

We’re Grow, because Grow is our life. We love designing indoor and outdoor facilities fitting to each country’s climate and market access. We love planning human resources, setting up teams and connecting this cannabis industry with only one goal:

Elevating the quality of cannabis products to new highs.

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