"Vision is not everything.
But without vision, everything is nothing."

— Lorenz, Gardener

People are like plants.

Sometimes they get wet in the morning.

As Content Creators, we know this feeling good. Waking up full of sweat in the morning is the best preparation for a productive designer day. Life is about Yin & Yan and so we should all think about, whether we let handle our messy thoughts when sleeping and be refreshed when awake. It’s all about detox, getting rid of all the psychological and physical bullshit in our Body. Part of our dreams.

Our subsconscious is more powerful, as we might think sometimes. Subsconsciousness guides us all the hidden paths from just being a individual to be able to reproduce in society.

We as designers and word artists, creating on demand day and day, we always have to take care of our mindset, soul and well being. Plants are a great help achieving such a healthy state of mind and soul. Because caring for plants, in most cases, also means caring for you. Because taking care of another live, you get better in knowing your really own needs.

So what could be a better start in the day than waking up, sliding in slippers and watching your plants getting new bud sides this day?

It’s just a matter of a few minutes between the first rays of sun touching the wet leave tips and these leaves turning dry. It’s just a matter of minutes after sunrise, until the plant is able to sucture water again and grow to new heights.

The same thing is true for people all over the world. Not every morning we wake up happy immediately – but after the first coffee and feeling the morning sun rays, we mostly get back to our inner strength.

Plants growth teaches us all about hope and faith. After every wet nightmare comes a dry warming hug. Living in contrast. Living constant. Living high as love.

Every big project Begins with SMALL steps, one Joint and a lot of love.

We’re high as love. Independent. Strong.

Being young in an ego dominated industry like cannabis can often be a tough challenge. But being driven by new school ideas and old school moral, we never give up bringing back some love to all of you!

For all team members of Research Gardens, this project isn’t the first one in the cannabis industry. We learned, practiced and got close to the community. We travelled around, created tons of content, did a lot of research on many cannabis related topics and managed to help out some companies with our services.

Sharing is caring.

Grow with us!

We like the idea of organic growth. Like cannabis, we grow node by node. Step by step. This journey might had a beginning, but hopefully it will never have an end.

We’re not driven by glorified personality or incarnated gods – our drive comes from thoughts, morals, ideas, knowledge. Aesthetics, beauty, sharing, live. Love.

LOVE is the most immortal power on earth. May it be people or plants – it’s LVOE, that keeps us on the grind every new day. It’s LOEV, that makes a difference in how we feel, act and reproduce.

LOVE is the hidden energy, that let us all get up in the morning to create. Because in the end, our all purpose is to create. And talking this, there’s really no difference between human beings, animals and plants. We all want to create new generations of great life. It’s all about remixing patterns, colors, shapes – DNA: Desoxyribonuclein Acid.

And so we think about our work. Our thoughts and production is not just the result of us being amazing people or something like that: It’s a result of influence from all over the world – influence of colors, patterns, shapes and mindsets. Vocabulary, knowledge, visions.

We see us as products of our environment and so we have a big responsibility what we show back. So as a consequence, there’s one great thing, to shout out in this vibrant time we live: